Ice Coast

A iceberg that has Dwarven, Nordron human and ogre runes carved in it with a pair of dane axes behind it.

In the most northern region lays ice coast, a city with a majority of it’s people being dwarfs and humans, with a strong ogre and snow elf population to boot. Depending on who you ask, ice coast is ether the oldest or a rather young city. There is no discussion that Ice coast is very old, but it only became large enough to effect the political landscape around four hundred years ago.

Ice coast is surrounded by snow most parts of the year and summer only last around one or two measly months, if the people are lucky, where as the winter stand strong, up to six months or more.

Besides large amounts of ice and snow the three island that Ice Coast controls also contains three mountains and two mountain ranges. The People have digged large mine networks in them and every year it brings in large amounts of wealth. The islands likewise include large spruce forests. which is naturally used for all things made of wood.

Politics [Aristocracy (Government by the nobility)]
The ruler ship of ice coast consists of a council of Jarls that during a moot elect a high Jarl that have the final say in political matters. The other jarls offer him advice and take care of the land that they own, bringing up anything that may require his attention.

The moot is held once a year and alliances can change, but most jarls don’t want to be called fair weathered friends and only abandon a jarl they support during extreme event’s. Thus a jarl will be elected high jarl for many years on end.

Bellow the Jarls are the Thanes, who have no real political clout beyond the jarl they serve. they are often given control over villages or unique holdings such as store houses, brewery’s, inns etc. Most thanes work hard with the hope of becoming a Jarl themselves in their later years.

Preferred Gods & Religious events
Victory’s Feast
Kazd-Urdik (Competition Festival)

Cleansing Night


Thanes Day

Day of Mothers

Unique Customs
Ice Coasts sees sloth as the greatest sin a person may commit, understandable as a single person who does not work hard may cause an entire family to starve during winter. Guests and outsiders are the only exception too this. Working hard does not mean breaking once back in the fields but to simple always be productive no mater what. Only when the last day of the week comes around does the folk of Ice coast stop and allow themselves a day of rest.

Important places & buildings:

  • Iron Wood Lodge
    On the north western side of ice coast lies an enormous tree trunk, more reminiscent of Great wood than anything else. In this tree the heroes liege has there most northern base.

The Ice Harbor

Important people & groups
High Jarl Torack Iron Beard (Dwarf)
Jarl Alond Yurcral [Rune Hall] (Dwarf)
Jarl Asea White Pelt (Human)
Jarl Urggil Spear-Eye (Half-Orc)
Jarl Burglug Stone Tooth (Ogre)
Jarl Hellineri Frost-Blade (Elf, snow)
Jarl Trellgn Gold Ring (Goblin)
The High Jarls Huscarls (Mix, Dwarven +)

Ice coast makes its profit from the exotic furs, bones, meat, Norderon Horses, exotic spruce wood and large quantity’s of ore dug up from the numerous mines that dot the islands. In addition to the goods, ice coast also have a large mercenary practice and to have a hired housecarl is a sign of great wealth for the other cites. Ice Coast imports most of it’s produce as summer is a short affair and the peasants can rarely bringing in anything else than a acceptable harvests even during the best of times.

Ice Coast

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