Willium Stoneskin

A huge immaculately dressed ogre that thinks that the ends always justifies the means.


Race: Ogre

Earth 2 Air 3 Renown: +5.1/-0.3
Stamina 2 Reflexes 3
Willpower 2 Awareness 4 Affiliation: The Gate
Water 3 Fire 4
Strength 3 Agility 4 Status: 1.3
Perception 3 Intelligence 4
Magic 2
Destiny: 2 Fate: 2
Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphasis and Master Abilities
Calligraphy 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Heraldry 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Underground 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Blood Magic 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Nagmar 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Demons 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Local 1 Int 5k4
Lore: History 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Geography 1 Int 5k4
Etiquette 3 Awe 6k4 The character gains an additional +3 misc bonus on all Etiquette skill rolls
Intimidate 4 Awe 7k4
Heavy Weapons 4 Agi 8k4 Opponents with reduction rating have their rating reduced by 3 when attacked with with a Heavy Weapon
Preform: Oratory 2 Awe 5k4
Investigation 4 Per 7k3 A second attempt to use the Search Emphasis may be made without an increase in the original TN.
Spellcraft 2 Int/Mag 6k4/4k2 Time
Stealth 2 Agi 6k2
Archery 1 Agi 5k4
Athletics 1 Str 4k3
Riding 1 Agi 5k4
Engineering 1 Int 5k4
Dueling 1 Awe 5k4
Commerce 1 Int 5k4
Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Arrows
Namn Namn Type Damage Quantity
Type Type
Attack Roll Attack Roll
Damage Roll Damage Roll
Bonus Bonus
Notes Notes
Weapon 3 Weapon 4 Arrows
Namn Namn Type Damage Quantity
Type Type
Attack Roll Attack Roll
Damage Roll Damage Roll
Bonus Bonus
Notes Notes
Reflexes 3k3
Modifiers None
Current Initiative
Armor TN & Reduction
Natural TN Bonus: 12
Natural Reduction: -
Armour TN Bonus:
Armour Reduction:
Armour Notes:
Shield TN Bonus:
Shield Reduction:
Total TN:
Total Reduction:
Add. Block TN
Break TN
Special Rules
Wound Level Penalties Total Current
Healthy (+0) 20
Nicked (+3) 8
Grazed (+5) 8
Hurt (+10) 8
Injured (+15) 8
Crippled (+20) 8
Down (+40) 8
Out (cannot act) 8
Rate of Wound Heal
Stamina x 2 + Earth 6
Current Rate 6
Personal Information Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Sex Male Big Racial Too big Racial
Age Big Hands Racial Easy too hit Racial
Height Ogre Endurance Racial Compulsion: OCD Clean & Tidy
Weight Long Arms Racial Phobia: Ghosts Rank 2
Hair Large 4 Driven: Find the people who burned down Iron Wood Village
Eyes Magical Resistance Rank 1 2 Dark Secret: Blood cult
Notes Socially Adept 3 Non Racial Name
Read Lips 4
Ambidextrous 10
Higher Purpose (Stop the destruction of society) 3
Precise Memory 3
Forbidden Knowledge (Blood Magic) 5
Hero of Red Tower 4
Bravery Rank 1 4
Sage 4
Language (Ice Trolls tongue) 5
Equipment and Possessions
Name Special Quality’s Traveling Pack Home
□ or ■ □ or ■
Platinum 3999
Gold 7000
1 Platinum = 10 Gold 1 Gold = 10 Silver 1 Silver = 10 Copper
Arcane Spells
Name: Secrets on the wind
Magic Rank: Magic 2 (Air)
Range: 10 mil
Area of Effect: 20 M
Duration: Concentration
Raises: Area (5 radius), Range (5 mil)
Effect: Any time with in the 48 hours immediately following the casting of this spell, you may over hear anything being said in the effected area. If your concentration is disrupted, the effect ends and may not be renewed without an additional preparation ritual. Only one area may be effected by this spell at a time.
Name: Pain
Magic Rank: Magic 2 (Black, Death)
Range: 30 M
Area of Effect: One target creature
Duration: 1 round
Raises: Duration (1 Round per Raises), Range (5’ per Raise), Targets (1 target per 2 Raises)
Effect: This spell wracks the target with intense physical pain, shooting up and down the limbs and through the torso. The target falls Prone, helpless with pain, and cannot act on his next Turn if he doesn’t make a Willpower Trait Roll at TN 20.
Name: Rush
Magic Rank: Magic 1 (Time, Wind)
Range: 10 M
Area of Effect: One target individual
Duration: 1 round
Raises: Duration (1 round), Range (5’)
Effect: You can temporarily increase the speed of your target. This spell allows the target to make a Free Move Action of up his Water Ring x 10’ (instead of the normal 5’). This benefit must be used on the target’s next. Turn or it is lost.
Name: Instill Phobia
Magic Rank: Magic 1 (Black, Corruption)
Range: 50 M
Area of Effect: One target person
Duration: 1 hour
Raises: Duration (10 minutes per Raise), Range (10 m per Raise), Targets (1 target per Raise)
Effect: This spell causes the target person to gain a Phobia of the caster’s choice. For the duration of the spell, the victim is considered to have a 3-Point Phobia (as per the Disadvantage) of a nature chosen by the caster. mages frequently use this spell to make their victims afraid of their weapons or allies, to make mages afraid of their spell scrolls, and other cruel tricks.
Name: Magical Seal
Magic Rank: Magic 1
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One Target surface
Duration: 1 day.
Raises: Duration (1 day), Special (for every raise you take you may store one level higher spell with in the seal.)
Effect: When the caster touches an area for this spell it glows briefly with the chosen symbol of the caster. After words the caster may chose to cast a other spell of the same level on the seal which will imprint the spell on the seal. Allowing the caster to activate the spell at a later time from the seals location, doing so in combat is a free action, a maximum of two seals can be activate per turn. A mage can not have more magical seals active than he has ranks in the magic ring.
Name: Blink Teleportation
Magic Rank: Magic 1
Range: 10 m
Area of Effect: Self
Duration: Instantaneous
Raises: Range (10)
Effect: Teleport the caster to a target point. Target point must be visible for the caster when the spell is cast
Name: The Past
Magic Rank: Magic 1 (Time)
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One object
Duration: Instantaneous
Raises: None
Effect: Divining the abilities of an object is among the simplest lessons a student of magic can learn. If this spell is successfully cast on an object, you automatically learn all powers and abilities that object possesses. This is most frequently used to identify any supernatural qualities an item possesses, such as a magic or cursed weapon, but it can also identify the spell contained within a mages spell scroll. This spell will not allow a mage to read a scroll if it is written in a cipher he does not understand, but he can at least identify the spell type in question. This spell will also grant the caster knowledge of the item’s origin in very broad strokes, such as where it was forged, the land of the individual who has carried it the longest, or something similar at the GM’s discretion.
Name: Liar, liar pants on fire.
Magic Rank: Magic 2 (Fire, Corruption, Light)
Range: 20 M
Area of Effect: Target individual
Duration: instantaneous
Raises: Range (+5’)
Effect: Made by a mage who enjoyed pranks, the spell will if the last thing the target said was false, make his pants catch on fire spontaneous. The fire is harmless and will not burn the target, its just for show and gives the spell it’s name.
Name: Scrying pool
Magic Rank: 2 (Water, Light)
Range: 10 miles
Area of Effect: Body of water / target location
Duration: 5 minutes
Raises: Duration (1 minute), Range (10 miles)
Effect: You may stare into a body of water, which may be as small as a puddle, and through it view a familiar location as if you were present, although you can only see what is taking place, not hear it. In order for a location to be familiar to you, you must either have spent a great deal of time there (your home, the school you studied in, a preferred temple, etc.). Any body of water can be used for this spell, but since the visions imparted are visual, images depicted will be clearer with larger bodies.
Name: Wrong Sight
Magic Rank: Magic 2 (Corruption, Time)
Range: 15 M
Area of Effect: One Target
Duration: 1 Rounds
Raises: Duration (For two raises will increase the duration by 1 round), Range (For one raises you may double the range), AoE (For 2 Raises you may target one more individual)
Effect: The Target of the spell will see the past 5 seconds again, hindering him in combat greatly. Under the effect of the the target losses his natural armour TN and gets -4k0 on all rolls that aren’t mental.

Willium is a complicated person, or maybe a very simple person depending on how you see it, “friends are to be protected and kept safe”, “those that are useful are to be used and kept safe as long as it’s worth it” and “those that present a threat Willium, his friends, his assets or the stability of society are to be dealt with in the most efficient manner unless that would cause too much loss of possible assets” and the ends always justifies the means.
Willium was Always a serious person even as a child. After the village was burned down and his entire family was killed Willium snapped and loathed what had happened here, moreso he hated his inability to stop it and decided that he would never again be powerless and unable to protect what he cared for, both by gaining the Power to do so and by not allowing himself to care for more.
As the party traveled with Johnny Toothless and his group Willium learned to fight and watched his friends move on, living their lives. Willium never could do this, his desire for revenge and the purpose driving him was too overwhelming, but he did learn how to appear normal and with the training as a herald and page he’d had as a child he could fit in most anywhere, this became useful later when each member of the party left on their own for a few years to do what they needed to Before meeting up again.
Willium came to South Tail and started working as a spy and information broker. Always keeping an ear and eye open for word of who might have destroyed his home town and for ways to gain more power. One of those he spied on and followed turned out to be a member of the local blood cult and willium was quick to sieze this opportunity and join up.
A few years passes without much changing untill the day arrives to meet up with his childhood friends.

After meeting up with the party again and heading out Willium realizes that the party is a weakness, people he cares about. But he just can’t bring himself to separate himself completely from them and instead convinces himself that he’s just using them to further his own goals and accquire more Power, even if convincing himself of this gets harder when he risks his Life and goals to help the party, or just to try not to upset or dissapoint them.

Williums thoughts of the others are as follows:

Mira: Innocent and sweet, someone that needs protection and stands for all the good that was lost in the great fire of their childhood, his and the partys concience and moral compass when required. Willium is both pleased and horrified that Mira recently have become more jaded and practical.

Orak: A beloved friend but most often a burden when it comes to a lot of the activites Willium engages in. But he is the defenition of loyal and reliable and Willium will always return those attributes when it comes to Orak. Orak is a quite simple man though and quite unrefined and his obsession with being godfearing is quite dissapointing.

Raigán: Willium isn’t certain what to Think of Raigán. He is a beloved friend, but he can be quite problematic and often poses a danger to Willium, the party and Williums plans. But for the same reasons he’s a danger he’s also probably who Willium considers closest. He’s someone Willium can talk to about some of his plans and deeds, he can share and doesn’t need to keep everything secret which actually comes as a surprise. Willium is conflicted on Raigáns lady, she’s a change and a challenge to the stability of what remains of Williums childhood, but she brings happiness to Raigán and makes him more stable and reliable.

Sky: When it comes to having someone cover your back in a fight you could probably find someone better than sky, but that’s mostly because of her recklessness. Sky is predictable in her unpredictability and when you get to know her you most likely know where to find her and what she will do. Willium refuses to admit to himself or anyone else just how happy and shaken he was when it was discovered that skys sisters were still alive.

Raak/Taak: Willium is quite fond of these loyal Henchmen and their pay and the care and effort he invests in them reflects this, they are the closest he’s gotten to making friends since he left his training in the bloodcult, but even so if it comes to the safety of Willium or the party Raak and Taak ar ultimately expendable.

Eston: Willium loathes Eston. Everything from his manner and how he dresses and looks is an affrot to Willium. He considers Eston a liability and a bad influence on the party and especially Mira and can’t trust him either. A part of the hate he felt for the lady and the bandits that destroyed their village has been transfered to Eston who was affiliated with them and who as a pirate has caused much harm and instability. The reason that Willium hasn’t arranged for an “accident” to befall Eston is that then the party and especially Mira would be upset.

Opinion of out of party characters:

Dark drop: Willium respects Dark Drop and he is probably the only person that Willium is truly scared of. Dark drop will Always be considered a mentor figure to Willium and Willium strives to please him when possible.

For the future Willium has many grand plans, some of which might even see fruition if he somehow manages to separate himself from the party and distance himself emotionally.

Concerning the Bloodmagic cult Willium is conflicted. He respects many in it and considers some of the members as friends and doesn’t consider blood magic immoral or wrong, but just as another way to get power. Willium is concerned however that it’s possible that the cult could pose a threat to his goals in the future and seeks to rise in the ranks and power so that he can more easily learn of this and possibly bring the cult down if required, but for this he really needs to first rise in the ranks and gain power before even contemplating something like this for it not to be just pointless and suicidal.

Willium Stoneskin

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